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Davis RainesMay 21, 2013
It's Springtime in Nashville, and, for our money, there's no more beautiful place anywhere this time of year. There's blooms in blossom and blossoms in bloom, young men's fancies turning to love and their fantasies turning to 85% humidity and new hope everywhere you look, except in the faces of these tourists who ain't hip to the Come On Til You Hear Glass Break Music City Driving Method.

We thought we'd let you know, good people, that we'll be doing a live personal appearance at the Kimbro's Picking Parlor in historic Franklin, TN on Thursday night this, the 23rd, at 7:30 for a free showing, accompliced by the Vine Ridge Runners, or the Cold-Blooded Badasses, or our favorite, The Band With No Name, them being Milan Miller, Duane "Chop" Blevins and Tim Blankenship. We'll be bringing some of that hard-drinking, deep-thinking honky- tonkitis to you good folks who like an edge on your Country & Western music.

There's so many blessings and happenings going round that it's hard to keep up. I know we'll head down to the Bluebird Cafe on Tuesday the 28th to see Walt Wilkins ride in with his hardy band of Mystiqueros for a celebratory evening of poetry and mirth. We want to say thanks to Walt for sharing that lovely idea with us on a beautiful day out behind the old Shell Point offices -- to Doug Johnson for loving the song -- and thanks to all you good friends and neighbors who have been wishing us well and getting the word out about Country star and dance sensation Kellie Pickler's new single release of Someone Somewhere Tonight. We hope that it'll be a positive thing for all who hear it -- it certainly is for us.

Then that Thursday, May 30, we're back at the Bluebird for our own shooting match and rodeo -- An Alabama Music Evening with Peter Cooper, Jon Byrd, Kathryn Scheldt and Frye Gaillard and guests. You don't have to be from Alabama to attend, but keep your banjo on your knee anyway. Early show.

May 31 -- Brown's Diner in Nashville
June 1 -- Handy Hardware in Franklin, TN with George Hamilton IV and V, John D. Loudermilk, Peter Cooper and Frye Gaillard
June 5 -- Station Inn, Nashville, with Jon Byrd and the original Auto Parts
and The Wrights.

That's enough for now, cousins. See you in the funny papers and put your best foot Ford.

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